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Guard by Ciril Guard by Ciril
My first submission here.
I feel a kind of nervous and a little bit confused.

Well this photo was taken in city called Kranj in Slovenia. I did some work in PS7 with purpose to create a mystery, scary atmosphere.

I hope you like it. Anyway I have so many works to show you and share them with you.

But please note that this is my first one. ;-)
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JUSTINaples Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2007
i love letterally your gallery...have msn for me please?
infinity8nina Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2005
That's in slovenjia? it looks like a chinese dragon head mast...or i must think, a viking or whatever. yeah i know its pretty old now, it wouldnt hurt to comment... not bad for a first deviation. :D the only thing that catches my eye is the green glowing thing. :) fills the room with dread or spooky things.
HILALI Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2005
It's beautiful:)
ZoeyHuerta Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
This is the first time I see your first deviation and I can tell it's so damn scary indeed!:fear:
takitus Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2004  Professional Photographer
very cool photo. i like the darkness you added, but not so sure about the green in the eyes. kind of draws the attention away from the overall feel of the photograph
dawnsdestruction Featured By Owner May 22, 2004
It's amazing :heart:
Davenit Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2004
Outstanding image. Well seen, captured and processed... Dave
lostheart Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2004
Some here say that they do not like the colored eyes, others like 'em...I think it's a neat add-on, although the photo is spectacular enough "as is" and it would have not been needed, although I really appreciate the gives the statue an even more mysterious ans spooky feel.
Great use of black and white and superb subject...
Ciril Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2004  Professional Photographer
thank you...

i am glad that you like my choice of the color.
kilgore-trout Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2004  Professional Photographer
Beautiful image....

a great first submission.....:clap:
i still laugh at mine.....and its even posted in the wrong category :rofl:

oh i remeber the days of being new...when you put so much into a piece and got little to no comments
but i see your gettin some attention...
and with the quality of work your producing....
rightfully so

one thing i was lookin thru your gallery...i couldnt help feel that some of your images (although looking great) would look a little more stunning with a border of some sort
just my opinion

regardless....keep up the great work
its nice to see new and upcoming talented photographers :handshake:
justkatie Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2004
I disagree with the comments above. I really like the green eyes. They are subtle in the image. It's a well placed shot. I really like it.
montagproject Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2004   Writer
nice shot... although I don't like the green eyes too... I think it would be better without it... very Burtonesque then...
krush Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2004
héhé very cool shot!
Accidental-Intoxicat Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2004   Photographer
Alrite i think i should give you some pointers. #1 juss keep pumping out the great stuff that you already have in this gallery. #2 join some clubs, you'll get support. #3 comment on other ppl's art, they usually look at your stuff. Good Luck! and nice pic btw
hexecutor Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2004
hey, not so bad, maybe the green on b/w pics is not the best color. anyway, cool job with shadows and contrast :)
Ciril Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2004  Professional Photographer
thanks a lot mate.
you have given me first comment here.

may i ask you few questions?
i am very new here and i wonder if i need to subscribe on devianart?
can you give me any advices about this portal?

what should i do to get some respect and name here....
because i was suprised by getting only one comment.


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February 2, 2004
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